More than 170 instruments available
-- one of the largest in the industry
Trade all instruments from the same platform

FXON's line-up of more than 170 instruments is one of the most extensive in the industry. Offers currency pairs of not only the major currencies but also those of emerging markets, in addition to 11 popular index CFDs. The CFD categories also include 34 newly added cryptocurrency CFDs that are attractive for their high volatility. FXON makes it possible to trade in all instruments with the same platform (MetaTrader 4/5).

Currency pairs (60 instruments)

Providing a wide-ranging line-up and proper prices in real time, 24 hours/day

In addition to the major currencies, FXON provides high-leverage trading in a total of 60 currency pairs, including emerging market currencies such as the South African rand, the popular Turkish lira and Hungarian forint, 24 hours/day.

Crypto CFDs (32 instruments)

Providing CFD trading in popular cryptocurrencies with high volatility

FXON enables trading at high leverage of up to ×10 on cryptocurrency CFDs, ranging from popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum to alt coins such as TRON and Zcash as well as those less commonly offered by competitors, such as OmiseGO.

Indices CFDs (11 instruments)

Enables 24-hour trading in 11 indices, including the Nikkei Average, the DJIA, S&P500

In addition to the popular Nikkei Average and NASDAQ Composite Index, FXON enables high-leverage 24-hour trading in 11 equities indices from around the world, including the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong, an indicator of economic conditions in Asia

Stocks CFDs (64 instruments)

Provides 64 instruments listed on four world-leading stock markets.

FXON provides equities CFD trading with a total of 64 instruments traded on New York, Paris, Frankfurt, and Madrid stock markets. It is possible to trade in tech stocks, including the popular GAFA stocks (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), at ×10 leverage.

Metals CFDs (five instruments)

Selected instruments focused on those with high liquidity, such as gold and silver

FXON's metal transactions offer a selection of instruments popular for risk hedging, including platinum and palladium, as well as gold and silver. These instruments may be traded with up to ×400 leverage.

Energy CFDs (three instruments)

Offers three standard instruments: natural gas, blended oil, and WTI crude

Through FXON's CFD transactions, it possible to participate in the market with a small volume from the same familiar platform, without having to participate in the futures markets in which energy is most commonly traded instrument.