Trading Hours & Rollover

Since FXON handles numerous instruments, price notification times and trading times vary by instrument. In addition, while markets trade 24 hours a day on a worldwide basis, some instruments cannot be traded on holidays or other days on which markets are closed in individual countries. Please check the relevant information provided when trading.

Trading times are moved forward one hour (summer time).

Many countries in Europe and the Americas employ the practice of summer time (daylight saving time). In the U.S., summer time starts on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Saturday of November in each year. The clock is moved forward one hour during this summer time period. Summer time in Europe starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Saturday of October. In Southern Hemisphere countries, such as Australia, summer time starts in September (or October) and ends in April of the following year, due to the difference in seasons. FXON conforms to the US summer time. During summer time, times displayed on the platform generally change from GMT +2 to GMT +3.

FXON base time (GMT +2)

Current FXON trading times are provided using winter time

3.Nov.2019 (SUN) ~ 8.Mar.2020 (SUN)

Trading times
Summer time Second Sunday of March - first Saturday of November
Winter time
(standard time)
First Sunday of November - second Saturday of March

Rollover times

Current FXON trading times are provided using winter time

FXON rollover times are shown below.

Standard time Summer time
MT server hours 00:00 00:00