FXON trading rules
Explanation of basic rules on usage

About leverage

To provide better efficiency of trading for customers, FXON provides high leverage of up to ×400. The relationship between leverage and deposit margin, as well as balances and amounts at which trading may be conducted. Click here for more details.

Spreads & commissions

To deliver beneficial spreads to clients, FXON realizes the tightest spreads in the FX industry through partnerships with numerous sources of liquidity and the development of its own matching system. Click here for more details.

Trading hours & rollover

FXON handles approximately 180 instruments. Each instrument has its own price notification and trading times, which vary depending on the instrument. Click here for more details.

Margin calls & loss cutting

To prevent loss of customers' deposit margins, FXON implements margin calls and loss cutting when a trader's position accumulates losses of or above a certain level. Click here for more details.

Best execution policy

FXON employs a policy of optimal execution, executing orders from customers in the most optimal way. Click here for more details.


FXON stipulates prohibited matters in order to ensure fair trading conditions. This section explains specific prohibited actions and penalties for prohibited actions.